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Broadway Licensing Global is the first theatrical publisher to join No Book Bans with a strong statement against book and play bans, as well as offering resources to their artists and those who license their work.

No Book Bans is proud to endorse Representative Ayanna Pressley’s Books Save Lives Act. Want your theatre or organization to join us in supporting this important legislation? Reach out so we can support you!

Join us and sign our statement:

As members of the Theatre for Young Audiences community, we make works about, with, and for young people – and we must actively oppose any effort to ban that art from young people.

We hold a unique responsibility to our audience members and young artists because we are often their first exposure to live theatre. We know from experience the sparks of joy, creativity, and empowerment that are kindled when we see ourselves authentically reflected on stage.

To pass that power and joy on to the next generation, we make art that both reflects children’s own experiences and art that engages them with experiences they hadn’t previously considered. And sometimes, we make art that helps children imagine paths and worlds they never have before, art that inspires them to take charge of the creation of such new possibilities.

For the sake of young people and the new possibilities they create for our future, we cannot stand by as bans on books spread across the country. Frequently, the books being targeted were created by historically marginalized and oppressed people – sending a message that these stories are unworthy of being included in art AND that their very existence, and thus the existence of the people who tell them, is wrong. Erasing historically marginalized and oppressed people from being seen is an act of violence.

We believe that making space for authentic, diverse stories sends a message of love, whether on the stage or the bookshelf.

We support children’s access to work that rejoices at the exploration and understanding of one’s unique identity – that opens readers’ eyes to a place in a bigger world – that celebrates the joy of all people by including Black joy, the joy of Indigenous people and people of color, the joy of LGBTQIA+ people, Latine joy and Asian joy, Muslim joy and Jewish joy, disabled joy, and immigrant joy. We support children’s access to art that reminds them of their own power.

Some of these stories deal with discrimination and racism – and that may make audience members feel discomfort at the actions of others, their own actions, or the state of the world. However, the acts of creating and experiencing art – as a writer, artist, reader, or audience member – provide a framework for bravely exploring new ideas and processing the discomfort inherent in challenge and growth.

It is in this way that art serves its most noble function: to open our eyes and hearts to other people, other cultures, other perspectives, and to our own identities - and in doing so, lessen the distance between human beings. Inclusive art invites us to be better at caring for each other.

We stand against the banning of art and invite you to join us in opposing these bans. We offer some ideas for how you can do so:

  • Sign on to this statement, share it with your networks, or create and share your own version
  • Consider your season selection; are members of all of your communities represented in your season? Do the people and stories targeted by book bans have places in your season? Bans target people and their stories; you don’t have to adapt a book that has been targeted by a ban to tell a story by and about people who are being targeted by those bans.
  • Consider representation in traditional stories. Can you keep stories from the canon and update them in partnership with the communities you serve, so that everyone is reflected?
  • Consider your community; are people from historically marginalized communities welcomed and celebrated in your spaces as leaders, artists, staff, audience members and students?
  • Does your community have the tools they need to advocate to their elected officials? Can you support their advocacy with templates, contact information, voting rights information, and information about legislation being drafted and voted on that impacts your community?
  • Connect your community with the local non-profits and mutual aid groups that are directly providing aid for people from marginalized backgrounds to care for their physical and mental health, safety, comfort, access to human rights, and advocacy needs.



Nicole Amri, Artist, Teaching Artist & Co-Executive Director

G. Armando Silva, Dancer, artist, educator

Sandra Axelrad-Boccara, Teaching Artist, Actor, Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Glenn Bailey, Jr.

Jessica Baker

Helayna Barber, Teaching Artist: Brave Little Company

Giana Blazquez Bultman, Director, Choreographer, Teaching Artist

Taylor Bogan

Brendan Bourque-Sheil, Teaching Artist

Cody R. Braudt, Director

Danielle Bunch, Theatre Educator

Emma Burns

Brittny Bush, Actor, Teaching Artist, Theater collaborator, audience member

Rameen Chaharbaghi, music educator

Jade Chang, Freelance Designer and Artist

Jeff Church, Producing Artistic Director

Justin Cohen

Shavonne Coleman

Rutherford Cravens, Actor/Director

Katie Cummings

Austin Davis Ruiz, LGBTQ+ Activist

Rachel H. Dickson, Teaching Artist, Parent, Arts Administrator, audience member

Jody Drezner Alperin, Teaching Artist, Director, Playwright, Parent, audience member

Vicky Finney Crouch, Actor, Teaching Artist, Director, Playwright

Teresa A. Fisher

Tim Fried-Fiori, Arts Professional

Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD, LPC

Laura Gallier

Alexander P. Garza

Jessica Gowell

Rebecca Greene Udden, Artistic Director, Main Street Theater

Krishnaveni Gundu, Educator & audience member

Jeremy D Hawkins

Gavin Healy

Lupe Hernandez, Audience Member / Supporter to the Arts

Beverly Houck, Theater Producer/ Director

Lekei Jacobs, Artist

Jaci Jeane, Actor/Director

John Johnston

Arthur M. Jolly, Playwright

Marjorie Joseph, Executive Director HCAH

Jess Kaufman, youth theater artist, producer, and educator

Michelle Kozlak

Alicia Lark Fuss, Theatre Artist & Educator

Maya Lawrence

Paula LeePoy

Kristy Lozano, Teaching Artist

Kristen Lynch

Jocelyn Mackenzie

Rachel Mackenzie Moran, Teaching Artist

Crystal Elise Mata, Teaching Artist

Carol Mayes

Maryanne Mazzola

Patrick McColery, Actor, Director, Teaching Artist

John P. McEneny, Artistic Director, Piper Theatre Productions / Public School Teacher William Alexander Middle School 51 (D15)

Tim McGregor

Todd Molesky

Anne Meek Montgomery, Teaching Artist

Kassie Misiewicz, Artistic Director & Founder, Trike Theatre

Christine Phares, Ed.D., Program Director, Young Audiences of Houston

Indigo Rael, Teaching Artist

Caroline Reck

Mara Richards Bim

Maried Rivera Nieves

Keith Randolph Smith, Actor, Writer

Julie Ritchey

Ceil Roeger

Troy Scheid, Director and Teaching Artist

Fran Sillau, Artistic Associate

Gricelda Silva, Glass Half Full Theatre

Ashley Shaunte

P. S. Shuller, Teaching Artist

Susanna Stahlmann, Actor, Writer, Teaching Artist

Cherry Steinwender

Michael E. Stewart

Chris Tennison, Associate Artistic Director, Trike Theatre

Rachel Elizabeth Thuermer

Wendy vanden Heuvel, Piece by Piece Productions

Naren Weiss

Molly Wetzel, Actor and teaching artist

Emily Wallace

James P. Walsh, Actor/Technical Director

Tevyn Washington

Kip Wilson, Author

Amber- Nicole Wolfe

Y York, Playwright

Brad Alperin

Sherree Drezner, NC, Clinical Social Worker

Ebony Jackson

Bill Rogers

Suzan L. Zeder: President Board of Trustees, Childrens Theatre Foundation of America

Marie Kiely, mom of 2 artistic kiddos.

Dr. Patricia DiBenedetto Snyder

Catherine Thomas, Actor, Theatre Educator, Teaching Artist, Producer, and Director

Dr. Jo Beth Gonzalez, Theatre Teacher

Moses Goldberg, Theatre Artist

Anita Singer

Ashley Narens

Kassie Misiewicz

Deborah Hope, Actor and Educator

Gayle Sergel Brown

Valerie Work, playwright/musical theater writer

Kori Radloff, Omaha Theater Company at The Rose Theater

Bonnie Duncan

Kim Manning

Bernardo Solano, Chair, Dept. of Theatre & New Dance, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Kia Brand

Cathrin Yoder

Rowan Mentzer

Corisa R Saitta

Sara Morgulis

Sandra Fenichel Asher (Sandy Asher), playwright and author

Brittny Bush - Actor and Teaching Artist

Anthony Runfola, artisitc director

Justine Moser


Beam Center, NY

Brave Little Company, TX

Center for the Healing of Racism, TX

The Coterie Theatre, MO

Cry Havoc Theater Company, TX

Dare To Dream Theatre, WI

Dominican Sisters of Houston, TX

Express Children's Theatre, TX

Filament Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Fine Arts Forward, TX

Flying Leap Productions, NY

Friends, Allies, and Mentors of the LGBTQ+ Community (FAM)

Glass Half Full Theatre, TX

Houston Coalition Against Hate, TX

Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus, TX

The Jung Center, TX

Off The Page, NY

Pink Umbrella Theater Company, WI

Piper Theatre Productions, NY


Texas Jail Project, TX

Trike Theatre, AR

Childrens Theatre Foundation of America

The Gottabees

Magik Theatre, TX

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